Europe is against Putin, Italians are not!

The Western aversion towards the Russian Federation is not a novelty but a constant that, starting from the early 2000s. It has manifested itself on several occasions with different intensity and implementation. The last salient act of this story is the debate about the poisoning of former Soviet agent Sergej Skripal and his daughter Yulia, which took place on March 4th in Great Britan.

Despite the absence of concrete evidence to support the Russian responsibility for the attempted murder, the diplomatic consequences of the European chancelleries have not been delayed. The same Italy has joined the bandwagon and the dismissal Gentiloni government has proceeded to expel two Russian diplomats in observance of the Atlantic solidarity evoked by London.

Despite the climate of strong international tension, in Italy, the feeling of closeness towards Russian President Vladimir Putin, or more general towards Russia, remains high. Incentivated even more by the results of the polls during the last Russian presidential elections that saw Putin triumph with 76.6%.

In support of this thesis, a confirmation of what has been affirmed is offered by some photos recently published on social media. As can be seen from the presentation, from north to south, several young people from some Italian cities have proceeded to launch their appeal for solidarity with the Russian president.

We received some pictures of an initiative carried out by some young people in some Italian cities including Brescia, Florence, Padua, Taranto, Rome to give solidarity to #Putin and #Russia in the face of the events of recent weeks … Great!
In support of Putin for the defense of civilization
Rome, Piazza di Spagna: Against American imperialism, with Russia in defense of Europe
Rome: Colosseum


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